PowerMic Microphones for Dragon Medical

Documentation is critical for accurate electronic health records. Nuance makes it easy for clinicians to dictate, edit, and navigate the EHR simply by speaking—via a secure mobile app or wired microphone.

Handheld speech recognition microphone for enhanced productivity

A handheld microphone featuring simplified, thumb-control operation programmable buttons, and integrated mouse functionality

Nuance PowerMic III advances PC dictation to a new level, making it easier and faster to control voice recording, navigate and select fields in on-screen templates and standard reports, and move through recognized text reports for review and editing. In addition to providing complete dictation control, Nuance PowerMic III incorporates full-function, Microsoft® compatible, PC mouse capabilities into the microphone to reduce the need for users to move between the microphone, mouse, and keyboard.

With Nuance PowerMic III, users can rapidly navigate report template fields, then record and use “voice fill-in” capabilities to insert recognized text into customized templates. By combining an ergonomic hand microphone with PC mouse functions, users gain new levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use, and productivity.

Nuance Power Mic

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USB connectivity for easy plug and-play installation as well as eliminating the need for sound card-enabled PCs



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Unidirectional microphone with noise-cancellation ensures higher accuracy in even the noisiest environments

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Perfect companion to PowerMic Mobile, which turns smartphones into secure wireless microphones (Healthcare Solutions Only)